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The New Way Of Working is also known as NWOW for short. With the New Way Of Working you can adapt your organisation to the latest changes in the world of work. Attention to these new ways of working has never been so topical as now with the current Corona crisis. It offers you the opportunity to adapt the way of working of your company to the current needs and thus improve performance. Are you interested? Key Estate guides you through the latest business trends and helps you and your business on your way to finding the best solution, tailor-made for your company.

A new dynamic with the New Way Of Working

In recent years, our society has undergone major changes, which have an impact not only on our current lifestyle but also on the way in which a company operates and is organised. We all have to work longer, for example, and attention to well-being at work is becoming increasingly urgent. In addition, the Corona pandemic is now also having a major impact on our way of working. The positive side of this story is that when your organisation invests in the wellbeing of its employees, this also translates into the company results. So with the New Way Of Working, renewed office spaces and working methods are not only in function of the happiness of the employees, but they also contribute to achieving the company objectives. By applying the New Way Of Working in your office, a new dynamic will soon be created.

NWOW, created from the needs of our society

Organisations are faced with the challenge of responding in an innovative manner to the latest evolutions in the area of working methods and lifestyles. The New Way of Working takes account of new situations and the current needs of employees. NWOW thus provides an answer to the search for a new balance between work life and private life. But it also responds to the necessary measures to be respected against COVID-19. The outbreak of this Corona pandemic is causing companies to take various actions in order to guarantee continuity and to continue their activities in a safe and responsible manner.

The wellbeing of the employee is central

At NWOW the focus is on achieving results by putting the well-being of employees first. This can be done by offering employees trust, flexibility and responsibility. Furthermore, a lot of importance is attached to promoting open and smooth communication and there is a switch to management by objective instead of management by control. Adapted workspaces should be in function of these intentions. For this purpose, use is made of the latest technologies that are already well established today. In order to combat COVID-19, the most important safety rule in this pandemic is always to keep enough distance from each other. The best measures to be taken in this respect obviously depend on the possibilities. Working from home can be stimulated as much as possible and meetings can also be handled differently. But there are still various creative initiatives possible. Think of priority rules and floor markings on the work floor, doorknobs to be operated with the elbow, the use of own keyboard and mouse, as well as pens for operating touch screens.

The New Way Of Working also for your organization?

The New Way Of Working thus offers various possibilities for reorganising the general working method. But the possibilities of integrating the New Way Of Working into your organisation are also determined by the needs and expectations of your company. You also have to take into account the current internal processes and facilities. Moreover, success is only possible with joint efforts. How the New Way of Working is best integrated in companies and how this is taken into account when choosing a new office, is in constant evolution. How the Corona measures can be optimally tackled in this context, is also a matter for Key Estate in consultation with various project offices and various expert external parties. As experts in business real estate, we are pleased to give you real estate advice, always taking into account the latest trends and needs.

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