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Pauline van Pottelsberghelaan , 9051 Gent

The Loop - Paula M. in Gent

The buildings have 5 and 4 floors, respectively, raised on an underground parking garage. Access to the buildings is through the central plaza between the buildings
that creates a patio/campus feel and also provides opportunities for outdoor experiences during breaks.

The buildings have a footprint of 1,000 m2 and are divided into 9 equal floors
(one building with 4 and one building with 5) with a gross floor area of Each 1,000 m2. One floor is divided into two equal parts with a gross floor area of 500 m2 each.
For each of the buildings there is a central entrance hall on the ground
floor that provides access to the floors via 2 elevators or stairs.

Available from
1 July 2023

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Pauline van Pottelsberghelaan , 9051 Gent

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