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Ninovesteenweg 198, 9300 Aalst

Officenter in Aalst

Welcome to Officenter!

A dynamic and professional environment with like minded entrepreneurs? Officenter neighbors who do business and strengthen each others company?

Officenter is a professional operating base for freelancers, one man businesses, ambitious start-ups, growth companies, local SME's, multinationals and large companies in need of flexible satellite offices. A varied clientele from the most divergent sectors chooses an à la carte formula.

Are your coworking activities bursting at the seams and are you considering renting a permanent office? Officenter is happy to support starters and growers and offers a platform that is adapted to your activities and wishes. Work with a focus on your core business in an atmosphere of maximum freedom and flexibility and boost your business together with Officenter.

Other locations:

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Luchthavenlaan 27, 1800 Vilvoorde
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Available from
1 January 2020

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Ninovesteenweg 198, 9300 Aalst

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