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You can call on the services of experts for the interior design of your office building. A strong design team will ensure that the commercial spaces are optimally laid out. This makes a good impression on customers, but also gives your employees a good feeling. It also promotes efficient and flexible working and is therefore profitable in the long run.

The evolution of office furnishing

The interior of an office building has undergone many innovations in recent years. The separate offices of yesteryear have made way for open-plan offices. These immediately succeed in reducing the real estate costs to a great extent, since this layout requires less space. It was also thought that open offices would increase cooperation between employees and contribute to more interaction and togetherness among employees. An idea that, in the meantime, does not appear to be so correct. On the contrary, cooperation sometimes seems to decrease, while certain disadvantages increase. One observes a decreasing peace of mind and productivity. Furthermore, these open offices are often too noisy, which has a negative impact on concentration and also makes private conversations more difficult.

New Way Of Working and other new trends

Anticipating this problem, the New Way Of Working and the new initiative of working in segments is strongly on the rise. A segmented office is divided up into different spaces geared to performing different tasks and taking different personalities into account. Because even in departments and companies where there is a great need for collaboration and creativity, there is still a need for undisturbed workplaces where one can be extremely productive in silence. On the other hand, company employees from different departments are encouraged to communicate more with each other. This can be done, for example, by providing more connections between different departments and common areas in the building, as well as digitally via teleconferencing.

The employee is central to the design of the office building

As the employees are the ones who will be spending most time in the rooms, it can be advisable to involve them sufficiently in the design of the office building and its furnishings. It is important to communicate this in good time, especially if the new design of the office building could also mean a change in working methods. When fitting out your office building it is important to have knowledge of what you need to renew the workspace and what can make the difference in terms of productivity and profit. Therefore it is good to listen to the needs and experiences of your employees in advance to create the ideal workplace. These are the best indicators of success in the design of your office spaces and the corresponding impact on productivity. When fitting out an office building, also think about the needs of the future. As an expert, Key Estate is well aware of the requirements a new layout of an office building has to meet. We will be happy to assist you with our knowledge and tips in finding a new business property with an office layout that completely meets your expectations and wishes.

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