Park 7 - The office environment of the future

Office buildings are increasingly developing into large community buildings. With the digitization of the work environment, offices are undergoing the necessary changes. The arrival of mobile 'devices' has brought about a true revolution.

The modern office offers employees more variety. In addition to areas for consultation, seminars, (informal) meetings and concentration zones, there is a clear increase in bringing the public domain inside. For example in the form of an atrium or inner street. Leisure time is also on the rise, as evidenced by the many spaces for meditation, sport and play that are found nowadays. Offices are becoming more informal and meeting places breathe an almost homely atmosphere.

Park 7 is being developed and furnished to facilitate inspiration, chance encounters and cross-pollination. It is the daily workplace for a very diverse group of (inter)national entrepreneurs and companies.

The site, situated on a busy infrastructure, is in a high-quality area. Park 7 is easily accessible from all directions, both by car and by public transport from the centre of Brussels. In the future, the site will also be linked to the airport by tram. In addition to this rich infrastructure, the site borders on a landscaped area on the southeast side. On the one hand, there is a view of NATO HQ and on the other, of the parish church of Machelen in the countryside nearby. Large and small plots of land alternate within this diverse landscape. The location feels the energy of the big city.


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